Branding ODK App

Is there any way I can customize and changes the look and feel of odk and do some branding work, I mean project logo, background colour and splash screen etc.

Hi @Yasir

to do that you would need to fork the project, change the code, and then publish the new app.
Without doing that you can only apply form styling (see:
or add media files for example your logo but only in forms (see:

Thank you so much, this exactly what I wanted to know. Now, since ODK is "open source" there must be a document which should share the details for example the links where these android codes can be downloaded and also a bit about how to effectively changes those, what are the things that we must care about, precaution that we need to take etc. (of course I am not talking about android programming).

Your statement is incorrect. The only things open-source guarantees is that you have access to the source code and are free to redistribute it or build derived works. See for more.

We work hard to provide much more than the license requires, but we are not required to do so. In this case, if you want to modify Collect, you are free to do so, but we cannot provide more guidance than we provide in the documentation at

Dear Yanokwa,
Thank you so much for clarifying this point. All I wanted is the link that you shared. Thanks again.