Briefcase CLI

I am trying to pull data from from an aggregate server using the Briefcase cli.

java -jar "briefcase.jar" -id SmartVA_Colombia_v5 -sd /home/dhis/va -url -u rward3182 -p passwordxx

I get the error

org.apache.commons.cli.MissingArgumentException: Missing argument for option: p

I do the same on Briefcase gui with no problem. But I want to use the cli for scripting

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?

ODK Briefcase v1.9.0 Production.jar Ubuntu 16.04

Any ideas?

You can use this doc. This will resolve your problem. ANd still you get problem feel free to post more questions here.

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@iamnarendrasingh Have you tried the command @rward3182 run? From my visual inspection, it looks like it's valid, so maybe there is a bug in Briefcase.

Yes, and i m using command line in my daily life.

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Hi All
In the ned this was something really simple. I had $ in the password. This was causing the error.
Thanks to all that replied.