Briefcase dont pull from collect

Hi all! i have some problems with briefcase... i try to pull forms and instances from collect.
I look this but dont work. 1. I set de ODK Briefcase Directory.
2. I zipped the odk directory from the tablet.
3. I copied the zip to my local disk.
4. I unzipped the odk directory
5. I set the Custom Odk Directory but the pull button is disabled.

can anyone help me?

does it show you any error after selecting the custom odk directory? does it show a list of available forms? can you open the odk --> forms folder and odk -->instances folder to see if there is any data files

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Yes! I can see all info ...

In this case, the form version has malformed

Hi, @jodmoramo!

Form versions must be numbers (no letters allowed). Did you design the form? Can you check that you're using only numbers in the version attribute? This doc page has info about form versions and how they work: