Briefcase exporting empty media file

I *seem *to have fixed the problem, although I am still a bit worried as I
do not know why what I did fixed the issue. At first, I thought that it was
the group nesting or a variable type (such as Date and Time) that was the
culprit. However, after trying to diagnose the issue I got desperate and
just saved the same survey under a different name.

The original name of the survey was English Survey: Census for microfinance
project. Filling out the survey and trying to use the offline .csv function
in ODK Briefcase would give the empty file as explained. However, when I
re-saved the survey as EnglishMFCensus the function seems to be working (it
gives a proper .csv file now instead of a 0kb media file).

My best guess is that Java doesn't like something about my original title.
Can anybody confirm that was causing the issue to make me a bit more
confident about using it in the field?

Other peculiarities about the issue:

With the original title, the "Push" function would actually work properly
(as in, it would correctly send the data to my Aggregate appspot), as would
the "Send Finalized Form" function in ODK collect. It was only the offline
"Convert to .csv function" that wouldn't work properly. I found that using
"Pull" with the original title would give a folder named "uuid....." to
surveys that were completed and finalized, so likely the issue was with how
the data was pulled from the survey and not with the .csv function itself.

So is it likely that the name of the survey was causing the issues? Or did
I fix another issue by re-saving the survey under a different name?

Thanks for the help,


ยทยทยท On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 5:19:34 PM UTC-4, Matt Di Nardo wrote: > > Hello, > > I'm trying to use ODK Briefcase to aggregate my data offline. I am using a > Nexus 7, so I have to copy the ODK folder to my desktop. The Pull function > seems to work properly. When I use Pull it says "Success" and the XML > documents are in the instances folder in Briefcase. However, when I hit > "Export," while it says "SUCCEEDED!", all that is produced is a blank 0kb > "File". > > Can anybody help determine what the issue is? I was having problems with > KoBo collect as well, which is why I turned to Briefcase. > > Thanks for the help. > > - Matt > >