Briefcase unable to load from configured source

Hello Yanokwa,

Thanks for the support. My issue is somewhat related to Amayuga's. As part of the preparations for a survey we intended to run, I am experimenting with briefcase to pull files from aggregate but each time keep getting this error message (see attachment). I have tried to get the issue resolved, but no success. The data I am experimenting with has no media and all were marked as finalized before sending it to aggregare

. Any help, please?

Hi @Musinguzi_Polycarp,
I was able to reproduce the mentioned error when I used URL

When I changed URL to , one form loaded.

Please, try my suggestion and let me know if it helps.

Hi @mmarciniak90,

It has worked. Is it how it's always done i.e that we use just the part of the URL from app engine rather than the whole link as it appears in aggregate?
Thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated

Yes, the URL should be the root URL. So typically or or

I've filed an issue at