Bug on repeatible

Hi everyone,
I found this bug using odk collect version 1.4 on Android 2.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3.
When I have a radio button with a visibility condition on a repeatable which has 2 spinner as first elements.

1)Open the form from Fill Blank Form button
2)Compile the first page
3)Swipe from the first an go to second page (Don't compile the radio)
3)Exit saving the Form
4)Reopen the form from Edit Saved Form button
5)Go to page 2
6)Select YES in the Radio Button
8)Popup appears (and that is wrong!) and singlelines inside the form are not shown

Attached the xform.

The problem is not in javarosa library, because the deserialized xml arrives already corrupted.

Hope someone can help.


copyCondRepeat.xml (3.25 KB)