Calculate Member of Household Rooster Value with Source from Repeat and Non-repeat Question

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to formulate a Calculation to generate one outcome variable that applies to the children in the Household Rooster (Repeated Group). The problem is that the source of the composite questions are not only in repeated group (HH rooster) but also from the household level (not in repeat group). So how can I generate one variable, namely ‘Vulnerability’, for each child in the member household rooster. I am expecting that the result of the output data is in the form of separate data (children data) from household level data.

I enclosed the developed xls form and below is the formulation:
"Factor A: if pbr02=2 OR hdi09=0 OR hdi11=2
Factor B: if ((hdi10_1=1 OR hdi10_2=1 OR hdi10_3=1 OR hdi10_4=1 OR hdi10_5=1 OR hdi10_6=1) OR hed01=1
Factor C: if hed03a=0 OR hcd03b=12 OR hed03c=0 OR hcd01=1 OR hcd02=1
Vulnerable Children: if children experience at least 2 FACTOR
CAREGIVER_BASELINE_vulnerability.xlsx (29.5 KB)

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Hi @yanokwa, do you have any thoughts on my issues? I really need your assistance on this. Thank you so much.

Hi @Julius_Sugiharto
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Should that be one outcome for every child or one in general (for all of them)? It would be helpful if you could add a sample data set and output so that we can understand your case better.

Hi @Grzesiek2010 ,
Thanks for responding my query. Yes, I need to have per-child data, not in general, since I have to merge this data with other measurement and use this kind of raw data into several purposes, one of them is for our program monitoring.

I have been trying to develop the indexed repeat, but unfortunately the data from HH rooster repeated group could not be retrieved. please refer to row 290-315 of xls form
CAREGIVER_BASELINE_v8_vulnerability.xlsx (61.1 KB)

This was the sample of data set that I expecting, please kindly refer to the 'mvc_marker' sheet for it consisted of list of children data with the outcome variable. You may see that in the highlighted yellow cells the data from HH rooster repeated are not retrieved, yet.
Caregiver_Survey_-WVFT_Baseline_CESP-all_versions-English_en-_2021-08-11-16-22-08.csv|attachment (13.9 KB)

Thanks for your kind help.

That second repeat group responsible for creating a summary... it doesn't use repeat_count in order to make sure the amount of groups is the same. Are you just adding those groups manually clicking Add multiple times?

Hi @Grzesiek2010, I don't intend to manually clicking. I am hoping that it could be automatically appeared and updated in output data. Is that possible?

I don't intend to manually clicking. I am hoping that it could be automatically appeared and updated in output data.

So did you try adding repeat_count like in the doc I linked above?