Call for volunteers: mentor an Outreachy project

Absolutely, @awaafo_donald! In fact, we're all remote. :blush: I'll outline the process below. Also consider looking for other projects that could be interesting to you in the Contributing category and jumping into a conversation there.

@Ronald_Munjoma and I have worked together to get the landing page up at Outreachy 2017 and have sent it out to the Outreachy organizers. They will announce the program today or tomorrow.

Next steps:

  • Tweet about ODK's Outreachy participation from the OpenDataKit account (I think @yanokwa and @danbjoseph are the ones who can do that)
  • Retweet that tweet once it's out! This will help possible interns find us.
  • Make sure you are on the ODK Slack and in the #docs-code channel so you are ready to answer applicants' questions. @william1 I couldn't find you there so do make sure to join!
  • Follow the instructions to set up your local documentation environment. This is tricky and there may be some opportunities to improve the instructions. It would be super helpful if we could all do this and suggest improvements to the instructions as needed. If you have suggested changes to make, you can either follow the instructions to make the change yourself, discuss in #docs-code or post in the Documentation category. In particular, if you are on Windows, your help writing Windows instructions would be really appreciated!
  • When prospective interns come, welcome them and help them with any questions they have.
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