Can I use 62 different forms on the same Aggregate server?

I am working on a project that requires data collection. We know
already developed 62 independent data collection questionnaires in ODK
using EXCEL.

We have an ODK aggregate server configured.

We would like to know if its possible to upload all the 60 XML forms
on one server? Please advise?


I don't think there is any limitation from the ODK end; however, a number of transactions of 62 forms will not be covered by free Google AppEngine account. I would suggest either to set up billing account with Google or configure multiple Aggregate servers.


60 forms can be easily sent to free ODK server. However, try to send forms one by one because might be possible that if you will send 60 forms in a shot few forms might be missed on the server because of data loss.
Try to send forms one by one or send 5 forms in a shot.


Thank you.We have 62 XML files, can they be uploaded on on server?
Thank you in advance

I didn't get your question. Please debrief it.

Thank you. We want to collect data for a project. A number of 62 independent queationnaires have been developed this has made us to have 62 XML files. Now we would like to seek technical advices as to whether we upload all the 62 XML files on server or we create several servers. We are not surw the mazimum number of XML files that can be uploaded on one server. Thank you

Having 62 different forms on a single ODK Aggregate Server should be fine from a technical standpoint. But there are other issues to consider:

  • As mentioned by @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN, if you are using a free Google AppEngine account you will likely quickly use up your usage quotas (although there may be workarounds as mentioned by @iamnarendrasingh). For best performance in submitting completed forms, you will likely need to either pay for additional service from Google or self-host ODK Aggregate.
  • When a user connects a phone to the server and goes to Get Blank Form they will have to scroll through a list of 62 forms to find the one(s) they need. While there is search and ordering functionality for the get blank form list in the ODK Collect app, it might be difficult for the users to navigate such a long list.
  • If the forms might be updated, keeping track of the versioning across 62 files might be a challenge.
  • Downloading and working with the data from 62 different forms could be quite tedious! I don't know anything about your project but it might be worth exploring the possibility of combining some of the forms. Especially if they are short. You can use survey logic (e.g. grouping and relevant) to ask particular sets of questions in different circumstances.