Can no longer edit submitted forms in Collect

The function of editing submitted forms has been discontinued in new versions of ODK Collect. The editing function on the collector device exists in other applications and was fundamental to the project we developed. The return of the function to edit forms submitted in ODK Collect is extremely important for us. Other collection apps ask the question: Do you want to edit this survey? Yes or No. Please, what are the possibilities of this function being adjusted in a new version of ODK Collect?

Welcome @Gisele_vilela

Would you mind to explain what you mean here, please? Already in the past, editing of a submitted form has only been possible (and is still) on server level.


Dear all, we have developed a project to collect data through ODK Collect and the function of editing the form after submission is important for users. These are extensive forms that need to be updated every year and most users can only fill in the data via cell phone. Therefore, the possibility of just updating the data of a form already filled out and sent in the previous year is very functional. Please confirm whether there is any possibility of this function in ODK Collect or not.

Hi @Gisele_vilela

Thanks for sharing a little bit more about your situation. I understand that no longer being able to edit finalized forms might require you to adapt your process. We are trying to accommodate for lots of different workflows and user needs. A few of the main reasons finalized forms are no longer editable:

  • reduce the risk of data collectors continuing to edit data after they no longer have access to the data collection subject.
  • prevent edits after an important workflow step is completed (for example, supervisor review).
  • let Collect do data processing with a guarantee that the data won’t change (for example, creating Entities).

We recently created a guide about how to best design for the end-of-form experience so that data collectors take the right next step after filling a form, which might be a helpful resource for you to design an alternative.

You can also read a summary of this change here.

@Gisele_vilela Are you asking about editing submitted forms that have been sent to a server or are you asking about editing finalized forms that have not been sent.

As @wroos noted, we have never supported editing submitted forms in ODK Collect. If you somehow had this feature, maybe it's from a copy of Collect that someone has modified extensively. Is that possible? Perhaps you can post a link to where you downloaded that copy of Collect?

As @Aly_Blenkin noted, we have recently removed the ability to edit finalized forms, but you keep mentioning editing after submission, so it's a little confusing what you mean. I'd love to know more about your submission process. Are you submitting to Aggregate/Central/Kobo/Ona or some other server? Are you perhaps using Briefcase to pull the submissions from the device and that's what you are calling submission?

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Hi @Aly_Blenkin and @yanokwa,
Thanks for explaining how it works. I was asking to editing finished forms in the ODK Collect recently removed. But I'm sorry that ODK Collect doesn't allow editing of completed forms.
One of the advantages of large digital forms is being able to update documents without having to fill in all the data again. For our users, organic producers in Brazil who need to fill out long documents, this is essential. Most of them do not have a computer and only use their cell phone.
I think ODK Collect could offer the security of sent data maintaining an option to edit submitted forms. Could you do this in the future? Other forms of applications similar to ODK allow this (Survey123, for example).
Best regards,