Can ODK be installed on CentOS Linux?

Can ODK Aggregrate server be installed on CentOS Linux or must be Ubuntu ?

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Yes you can install Aggregate on the linux distribution you want.
Installing aggregate means to install tomcat and Postgresql, then configure aggregate with the installer and deploy the war file.

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Thanks! Another question, if I don't use PostgreSQL, but MySQL, can I install MySQL version8 ?
I appreciate your prompt replyl.

The doc specifies you have to run at least 5.7 mysql version

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Thanks again mathieubossaert ! You are the expert !
I have this combinations:
Tomcat 8
MySQL 5.7.28

Do you think the above combination should work ?

Thanks !



No I am not an expert. But I already ran aggregate installations. So according to the specs I think your config should be ok...

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Use Java v8, not 11. I struggled for a long time in figuring out what was not working, until i downgraded Java to 8 and it started working. Rest of the specs are exactly what I used.

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