Can we rename buttons for odk collect

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I want to rename the button that appears on the odk collect app. Like the button, for launch the external app, can we change the button's name to something of our use. Like i have one open url, button which redirects to google maps. I want to rename it to "Take me here" or something. Is it possible?

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Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the button text. What about modifying your question text to make the action more clear? For example, in your screenshots you could change it to say:

  • Tap "Launch" button to call farmer on 9729011508
  • Click "Open Url" to launch Google Maps and get directions to visit the farm
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Actually, it is possible to set button text but only for external string/int/decimal widgets. To achieve that you need to use the buttonText attribute (if you search this forum you will find some related topics). Unfortunately, it's not supported by the converter (see so it requires adding it to an XML file manually. Here is a sample form:
buttonText.xml (1.0 KB)