Can we show Legacy QR code first in app user rather than client QR code

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Hi all, whenever i'll create an app user my ODK central shows me Client configure QR code, where my data collector will not see Get Black Form on there odk collect app, however when they will scan Legacy QR code they will able to see Get Blank Form.
Now, I am wondering that is it possible to take some twist into odk docker and set up some code into docker so whenever I will make app user default QR code will be Legacy not client one.

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ODK Central

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Hi @iamnarendrasingh! In most cases, the Managed QR code will be more convenient, because it will automatically get Forms and keep them updated. Could you say more about why it's useful for data collectors to get Forms manually?

In terms of the current behavior, to see a Legacy QR code, you will need to switch to Legacy QR codes each time you view the App Users page. However, you will only need to do this for a single App User: once you switch for one App User, Legacy QR codes will be shown for all App Users.

In a future version of ODK Central, we hope to make the ODK Collect settings more customizable. Those customizations would be saved, so you would only need to set them once. However, we don't currently have a timeline for adding that functionality.

In terms of making changes to Docker, if you have knowledge of JavaScript, you could learn more about the Central codebases and make changes to one or more of them. However, the core team isn't able to provide support for modifications to the source code.

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Thanks a lot @Matthew_White, I have gone through all folders which are here "", however, I did not find anything where code is written for Configure QR code as well as if I want to change the home login page of ODK Central then How can I change that as well? Can you share the folder path with me?


Both of those things are part of the frontend, which you can find within the client submodule of the repository you linked to. If you click on client within GitHub, it should link to the repository for the frontend here: