Can we use more than one properties in APPEARANCE?


I have a long list of options for one question, for which I wish to use APPEARANCE values as 'minimal' (to offset them to a new page for selection), and also want to throw in 'autocomplete', since the list is quite big. Is there any option that I could use both of them together in APPEARANCE column? So I should end by getting options on a separate page as well as searchable?


Hi Saad,
Yes, this is possible in the appearance column use "minimal autocomplete" without the quotes. Let me know if this solves your issue.

@Stephen_K_ojwang is right and you can mix even more appearances what is described in the demo form:

You can mix multiple appearances together. It's difficult to present all possible combinations because it would make this form huge so we showed you just those basic ones. For example you can even use a combination like: minimal no-buttons columns-3 autocomplete quick