Cannot download submisions from a draft form

Hello everybody

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
ODK Central v1.2
I have submissions from a draft form which I cannot download with the button "download submissions", the message is "The authentication you provided does not have rights to perform that action.".

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?
Create a new draft and try to download submissions

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
On Mathieu Bossaert advices, I tried to change my role of the project (project manager to project reader) but it doesn't work.

4. Upload any test forms or screenshots below.

Can you try and delete your cookies? This could be a stale session.

Hi Florian,
Yes I tried but it doesn't work

Hi @c_roy! Central uses a cookie to authenticate downloads. You could try a couple of things to see whether the Central cookie is working for you in other ways:

  • Are you able to download Submissions for the published version of the Form?
  • If you log into Central in one tab, then navigate to Central in a second tab, are you brought to the homepage in the second tab, or are you redirected to login?

I also wanted to note that v1.2 is now more than a year old. I recommend upgrading to the latest version of Central by following the instructions here.

Hi @Matthew_White ,
Thanks for your answer,
I am not able to download submissions for the published version and when I log into Central in one tab, the second tab brought me to the login page.
I note for the version...

I remember having these issues across multiple tabs with Central around v1.2.

Do consider upgrading, and sorry to hear that deleting all cookies (and closing all browser tabs) didn't resolve that issue. Maybe restarting the server could help?

@c_roy, do you have cookies turned on in your browser? You can check in your browser settings. Cookies will need to be turned on for Central for downloads to work on the webpage.

We actually fixed most of those as part of v1.2, which is part of why I suspect it has to do with the browser's settings!

Thanks @Florian_May, i will consider restarting the server or upgrading soon

Yes, I tried in 2 browsers (cookies turned on)

Hi @c_roy,

I just tested that piece of code :slight_smile: (I know you run central2pg on your PostGIS database)
So I just added "/draft" to the form when calling odk_central_to_pg() function, in order to fit the url shown "on mouse over" download button.

SELECT odk_central.odk_central_to_pg(

And I retrieved Laurent's data ! :slight_smile:

Why didn't we tried it before... Anyway it's a Good unexpected feature of central2pg.
I eared there are good beers in Ariège :wink:

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Wouah ! Thanks @mathieubossaert !
I would never have thought of it ! indeed, a very good feature !
Whenever you want to dink a beer in Ariège (I will brew this weekend, so in one month to taste my beer :wink:)

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The best software is beer reviewed software.


another of your skills I didn't know ! Will be glad to taste it one day :wink:

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