Capture more metadata

What is the general goal of the feature?
Capture a whole range of additional metadata to make the dataset verifiable. The metadata could include:

  • device manufacturer
  • device model
  • device ID
  • screen size
  • language
  • locale
  • connection status
  • network type
  • Wifi MAC
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • location (latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, time)
  • location provider
  • location speed
  • cellular tower info

What are some example use cases for this feature?
The data collected on an ODK app is used for justice proceedings and prosecutor needs metadata to verify the origin of the data.
The data collected is used for research and advocacy purposes and the researchers or journalists need to verify the origin of the data.

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
We can develop the mobile client part of the system. All that is needed is to create new ODK fields.

We support device ID (in form data) and location (in the audit log). Why aren't those adequate? Or rather, what is the minimum set of data that is needed to make the dataset verifiable?

I ask because some of the metadata you've listed have problems.

  1. They don't uniquely identify things (e.g., device manufacturer)
  2. They rely on APIs that Android doesn't provide (e.g., cell tower info)
  3. They change all the time (e.g., location, IP address)