Cascade multiple

Hello kobo community,
I really need your help in solving the task set before me. I hope we will be able to do this with united forces.

As for the task Q14 - is a multiple choice question where you can select “major specialty”.
Ex: 14.1 and 14.5 (it is possible to have one or more).
At the next stage, a “sub-specialty” is opened for each “main specialty” and in 14.1 we choose 112 and 121, from 112 - 1113 and 1114, from 121 - 1211 and 1221.

A similar answer is possible for other questions (which I haven’t finished yet).

Main task: At the “head” of the group of questions Q15 - Q20 I put the names of the previously selected answers (1113, 1114, 1221 and 1221) for each one separately.
I would be very grateful if you could help me resolve this issue
For me, it doesn’t matter which form I use (for the group of questions Q15 - Q20 can us begin_group or begin_repeat), the main thing is to solve the problem.

In addition, here is the cascade form (although I could not use the select_multiple function in it) - where the final result should be the same as the example I gave before.
cascade_Q14_Q15-Q20.xlsx (95.1 KB)

I am sorry, I don't understand your question. Do you have the written out version of the questions? That is, the question text and guidance text as if the survey was being done on paper instead of in an ODK survey.