Cascading questions not working on my odk collect android app

Hello everyone.

I created a questionnaire which has some cascading questions , when I am previewing them on kobotoolbox UI it works perfectly but when I try to get it on ODK collect android app for survey purpose it says "downloads failed".

Is it possible to have a cascading questions on odk collect?

Your help will be highly appreciated, thank you!

There is no intentional deviation between Collect and Enketo web forms related to cascading selects. How are you defining your choices -- in the form or as attached CSVs? If you're able to share the form, that would be the best way to get troubleshooting recommendations. My guess is that you're attaching a file and that there's something about its format that is unexpected to Collect. If you are using a CSV, what software did you use to generate it?

@LN can you share me your email where I can send you my file?
The form is in xlsx format generated by odk builder

You can send me a private message here by clicking on my picture at left and then clicking the blue Message button.

I did it, thank you!

Thanks for sending the form! It works as expected for me. It's a straightforward cascading select from internal choices so it looks to me like there's an issue with how you're connecting to your server. Is there more information in the error message? Can you double check the server and credentials? I'm sorry to redirect you but since I see you're using Kobo, that might be a better question for since I can't reproduce with Central and Collect.

Did you try to open it in odk collect on android and it worked?

Thank for the advice, let me switch to kobo community! Thanks

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That's correct. I uploaded it to ODK Central v1.5.1, the form got converted with pyxform v1.10.1 and then I connected to it with ODK Collect v2022.2.3. That said, given the information you've provided, I really think it's a server configuration issue and not related to any of those specific versions.