Cascading select - support?

Hello and help!

I am a migration researcher from Amsterdam and I have just built my first survey working with ODK about living conditions of Syrians in Lebanon and Turkey and their migration aspirations.

I would like to include a cascading select question for remittances (ie se9_assistance_type, followed by se9_assistance_often for each answer category) and I have tried to follow the instructions on the website but haven't been successful unfortunately.

This is what I have done:

survey sheet

select_multiple assistance_type se9_assistance_type If yes, what type? selected(${se8_assistance}, '1')
text se9_assistance_type1 Please specify selected(${se9_assistance_type}, '5')
text se9_assistance_type2 Please specify selected(${se9_assistance_type}, '6')
select_one assistance_often se9_assistance_often And how often? se9_assistance_type=${se9_assistance_type} selected(${se8_assistance}, '1')


assistance_type 1 cash assistance
assistance_type 2 food vouchers
assistance_type 3 medical aid
assistance_type 4 grocery card
assistance_type 5 other1
assistance_type 6 other2
assistance_often 1 Several times a month
assistance_often 2 Once a month
assistance_often 3 Several times a year
assistance_often 4 Once a year
assistance_often 5 Less than once a year

Could you tell me what I did wrong? In the form, the second question does not show up in any form at all. I would be very grateful for your help!

Thanks again and all the best,

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When creating a cascade, you need to create a "choice filter" column. in the choice filter column, you create your cascade for every level (i.e. first cascade firstvarchoice=${firstvarsurvey}, and second cascade firstvarchoice=${firstvarsurvey} and secvarchoice=${secvarsurvey}). For the choice tab, you need to create two new columns (i.e. firstvarchoice and secvarchoice). For the variables you want to cascade, use the variable, or "name", to specify which choices you want cascaded. For the second level of the cascade, you need to specify the choice for the first cascade and the second cascade.

Here is a link for an example from

Hope this helps!


Dear Kirsten,

Many thanks for your reply!

This is actually what I tried but it is still not working (see name "i8_profession" and "i8_profession_exact" in the attached file). I would like to have a cascading option for some answers to i8_profession and for others, there is not follow-up question - maybe this is the problem?

Thanks again for your help and support,

lea-syrmagine1_begin.xlsx (39.8 KB)

Hi, can i ask if the relevancy on line 29 is deliberate or just for testing?
Do you get an error when using the form or are the choice list options just not limited?
So far your excel looks ok.

Dear Noel,

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my late answer.
Line 29 is the cascading option, for example if someone chooses "government" for line 28, line 29 should give different categories within the governmental sector.
But so far, this option just does not appear.