Cell signaling collaboration call

Collaboration benefits, overall call, and pre-requisites:

I am looking for collaborators, who would in addition to learning new
skills, gaining experience, and making an important contribution to
science, would also earn a co-authorships in a leading publications. I am
posting separate projects separately, so you do not have to keep searching
my posts in strings. I apologize for few parts of different posts being
similar, for they describe general information about the collaboration and

We are looking for someone with experience in biological sciences, with at
least bachelor's degree completed, preferably masters or Ph.D. education,
preferably but not necessarily experienced in cellular signaling, use of
cytoscape or gephi, python, and few basic clustering techniques. The
projects would be about finding nodal points of signaling in autism,
depression, addiction, learning and memory disorders. This would enable us
in long-run to find novel targets of drug-discovery. The first project
would be centered around NF-1 mediated, curable autism, followed by
gut-depression connection.

Minimum time commitment is 20 hours a week. The existing team is of 2
students working full-time on the project and a long-distance data analysis

About me:

I am trained in a bit diverse combination of things from my Ph.D. days. I
am a researcher and entrepreneur in areas in biology, AI and robotics and
have been trained at NCBS, UT Austin, NYU and CSHL. Off late, I have taken
to doing data analysis, developing tools for data-analysis in form of both
academic as well industry projects. I was based at IISER-K for couple of
years, until recently as an Assistant Prof. and now I am transiting towards
my lab in US and working on kickstarting few start-ups. There are several
data science projects that my team is working on, several quite mature that
I would love completed before leaving India and I am looking for
collaborators. Some of our recent work has been covered by top science
journal news, such as by Nature and in popular newspapers. We have a
dynamic in-house team and several long-distance collaborators, who would
ensure success of the collaborative effort, along with me.


You can reach me at my gmail id of sukantkhurana

My skype id is the same.

You can also connect with me on linkedin

best regards,

Sukant Khurana, Ph.D.

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