Central home screen access with docker

Hi All,

I'm following the 'ODK Central' set-up instructions here:-

I've got as far as 'sudo docker-compose up -d' but I was expecting a browser to show the 'Central' login page on 'localhost:60000' how do I run open the 'central' start page? I may be doing something completely incorrect.

2021/03/04 12:23:23 [notice] 22220#22220: signal process started

I get the 'welcome to nginx!' message on localhost

Terminal output:
~/central$ sudo docker-compose up -d
mail is up-to-date
enketo_redis_cache is up-to-date
Starting secrets ...
enketo_redis_main is up-to-date
pyxform is up-to-date
Starting secrets ... done
enketo is up-to-date
service is up-to-date
nginx is up-to-date