Change Aggregate JSON publishing interval

We have successfully been able to use the JSON publisher in ODK Aggregate. The one problem we are facing is that the publishing interval seems to be set at 15 minutes. We would like a significantly shorter publishing interval than this if possible. Is it possible to configure this interval anywhere without changing the code?


I don't think this is possible without changing the code. This might be an easy thing to add to Aggregate if you are interested in contributing the code. Are you?

Actually, @yanokwa is half right, it is true it is not possible to change the interval without code change. HOWEVER, there are two speeds and the faster speed will probably accomplish what you want. There is a fast publish/export option and slow publish/export option. The reason there are two speeds is because many users want to keep their servers free when running on App Engine and unfortunately with fast publish, instances will run out of free quota if Aggregate tries frequently (like every minute) to publish data that may or may not be available. It takes up quota to wake up and check even if there is no data.

You can speed up Aggregate's publishing by making sure that "disable faster background actions" is unchecked on the Aggregate features page. To change this setting you need to be a "Site Admin". WARNING if Aggregate is running on Google App Engine you will likely have to start paying for App Engine hosting if you weren't before.

Site Admin Tab -> Preferences Sub Tab -> Aggregate Features Section -> OPTION: Disable faster background actions (exports, publishing, form deletion) (slows quota usage on Google AppEngine)

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Thanks for the help!

The publishing interval was 15 minutes even with this box on the admin page unchecked.

We did manage to update the code to change the interval to 1 minute and once the Aggregate build system is sorted out we might try and make this value configurable and contribute this code back.



Hi @Gunnarroe!

Actually, the new build system with Gradle has been merged to the master branch. If you go ahead and try to work with it, any feedback will help us a lot.

There is still a PR waiting to be merged that will make the installer generation process even easier but you should be able to build and deploy an Aggregate instance without problems anyhow.