Change prompt when adding new group / new loop

Hi to all.

not a big deal I think but would be really great for end user. ![Screenshot_2019-05-24-09-24-45|300x500]

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
The only Goal is to change the message/question show when a user enter in a loop.

Add new group ?
Add a new group foo bar

I would like to be able to short and clear that question :slight_smile:

Add a new foo bar

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
We create and use forms with many loop :

  • session
    • observer(s)
    • geopint(s)
      • species
        • media

At each screen, collect ask the user if he want to add a new group. It is quite a lot confusing and not so easy.

3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?

In the past, @pailletm did it in a collect version (2017)


Hi to all, here is a screenshot of the prompt. When we explain it, it is ok but if not it is not so intuitive !

Hi, I comment the issue I created 2 years ago :

But I am not sure that it is the best place to discuss that point...

So I would suggest to make some change in french localization : I would like to replace 2 strings by another one :
Add another "1%s" group? and Add a new "1%s" group? by Add a/an "1%s"

So for example if I have a repeat/group called "observation" in my form, the user will be prompted "Add a/an observation ?" instead of Add a new group "observation" or Add another group "observation"

Another argument :wink: is that a new thing is always another thing and when I add something, I add a new thing and another thing...

As a "workaround", would it be possible to create a form setting to set the default prompt to another one, specified by the form designer ?

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Thanks for your patience and persistence here. I see you and I agree the dialog is a problem in general.

When I've designed forms with repeats, I've generally either worked around the dialog or provided an instruction screen before it appears. See XLS form- Repeat select_one question until "A" is selected and other posts in that thread for ideas.

I think I agree with you that the language change could be an easy improvement. It would help to hear from other users about whether that's the case or not.

The challenge is that no real conventions have been established around repeat naming. Some people use a singular noun (observation), some use a plural (observations) and others use phrases (add an observation). I think it's going to be hard to build a sentence that will work well for all.

I'll also give some thought to making the full prompt text customizable. I think the challenge there is making it translatable.

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Thanks @LN, I try to get the opinion of other French users.


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I find it useful as well. "group" is developer's language, not end-user's.

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Hello, I also think that "add a new group" is quite confusing for end users. As Matthew suggests, it will be nice to personalize it, or at least to get something like "add a new element" or "add a new record".

Some news to come about this :wink: : Repeat research results

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Simpler repeat dialog language is in Collect starting with v1.26.0. For a repeat named observation, the dialog will simply say Add "observation"?. The buttons will say Add and Do not add. Thanks for all who helped shape this change and translated the updated text!