Changing the icon/color used in Select?

Hi ODK community! I'm not sure if this is a question for support or features, because I suspect what I want to do is not an existing feature of ODK--but if it is, that would be great news!

I'm trying to create a literacy assessment in my survey; I will be having children read a short text. I have programmed the text as a "select-multiple" with the columns-pack appearance. This survey will be completed using KoboCollect. I would like to have the assessors select the words that the student COULD NOT read, but this is confusing because the select appears as a box with a check mark (and a check mark would typically indicate something was done correctly). I would like to change the appearance of the select, either to a strike-through, or an X. Or I could use images of the words and have them selected with a red box around them. Any of these options would work!

Could someone in the community let me know if any of these are existing features? Thanks!

I think the styling of the checkbox list for a select multiple is a Material Design Android UI standard. And it is not possible to adjust in the form design. Would it help to change the font color of the choice labels to a red? Or is it possible to have them select the words that the students could read and then reverse it in your analysis?

Hi all! Thought I would share my work-around. I changed the appearance to columns-pack no-buttons. When the text is selected with that appearance, an orange box appears around the text. This seemed to satisfy my team to understand that the incorrect responses should be selected. Thanks for the community support on this @danbjoseph!