Changing the language

I want to automatically change the language of the ODK questionnaire from English to another language, e.g., Dutch, without having to go through the coding procedure of adding a label in Dutch. How should I proceed?

There is no automatic way to do this. If you having users fill out the survey via a web form you could see if their browser offers to automatically translate the page. You should be cautious, as the wording of survey questions can be quite important and the meaning might not be captured correctly by an automatic translation.

It is generally much faster for a person to check a translation for accuracy than to start from nothing. And Google Translate can be used to translate files. So you can upload a file with your English labels, convert it, have a human translator check it, and then more quickly copy & paste into the proper places within your XLSForm.

Thanks @danbjoseph. This is helpful.

To add: You might directly use the XLSFile for the translater: add the ::language columns (don't forget (hints and ..._msg), filter the relevant rows, block all other columns/cells for editing, hide further columns, provide an additional column for translator remarks.

If you use automatic translation (e.g. google translate, deepL), be careful with ${..} references and other non-text elements, like HTML tags.

This is very helpful. Thank you