Check all multi-choice by default

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Hi fam,

I have a long list of multi choice which i expect one to pick majority of the provided choices with the exception of 1-2 answers depending on a criteria they earlier selected. I would like the long multi-choice list to be all-checked by default so that one would only uncheck 1 or 2 choices which are not applicable to them to easen the process. Is this possible? how would I go about configuring the default feature?


Because the answer of a select_multiple question is a space separated list of choices, what you should do is include that in hte defaul column.

As an example. Lets assume we have the following list to choose and we need to include all as default:


We need to define survey as:

You can check above example in sandbox

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I tried to use ${space_separated_strings} in default, but it doesn't work for multiple select. Have any one tries before?

The ${space_separated_strings} will returns a b c d e f g h i j k l

i figure it out which is put in calculation field instead of default field.

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This is only appropriate if you want exactly the calculated value to be submitted. Please make sure to make the field read-only in that case.

If you do want a user-modifiable value, it should be in the default column OR in a calculation wrapped in once depending on the context. Please share your form or a small sample of the same structure if you need help with this.