Check if at least one question within a group (field-list) is checked

Check if at least one question within a group (field-list) is checked
I have 4 questions (select_one type) about the status of 4 cereals (on one page -> appearance: field-list). The person who is answering the questions has at least one type of cereals hence at least one question has to be answered before going further.

I am not able to check if at least one question is selected or not. "Constraint" column does not work at all, because if the answer is empty (not seelcted) the constraint will not be evaluated.
Does someone know a workaround or possible solution?

Use this constraint if your option value is integer (>0)

In the 4th question add a constraint ${v1}+${v2}+${v3}+${v4}>0 (use ">0" if your question option do not have value 0)

there are 4 selelct_one questions with strings.
If they are not selected, the constraint column will not be evaluated (as I've read in another forum post)
Thank you anyway!

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Hello @bm,

I am attaching a sample form for your reference . We can use calculate field for this.
test_test.xlsx (9.5 KB)

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Thank you very much for this solution!

So just to clarify. There is no way to do it "on the fly" within the same screen but i need another if the condition is not met, right?

Yes, as the questions are non mandatory and all the constraints or relevant conditions work on swipe in mobile, we have to take the help of another screen, If you find any other way please let me know, because when I faced this situation I did the same way as I suggested here.

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