Choice filter not working on second loop of nested Repeat

Hie.I am Morris From Zimbabwe.
I am trying to do some nested repeats and when I put a choice filter on the district, first loop is doing fine but when i enter the second loop for the district data its throwing an error.The error is saying "XPath evaluation:type mismatch:This field is repeated: then it gives me the path to the field.Please help.

Hi @Morris_Baradza,
have you named the field differently? It would help if you can upload your form so we can have a look and help you best.

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Sorry arqaam for the late reply let me upload now. MonitoringToolv2.xlsx (20.7 KB)

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Hello @Morris_Baradza,
have a look at this discussion, they seem to have the same problem, including solution:

Was this resolved? I am using ODK build. During testing, loops didn't work and every time we tried to add a new subform or subrecord an error message popped up. This is how the form in ODK build looks like.

Please see Cascading selects in a repeat group & indexed repeat for an explanation of the current behavior and changes coming up to address it.

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