Choice filter returns no values for Select_one question

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I am using choice filter for select_one list. The select one question is mandate.
in few cases the choice filter gives 0 rows output.
How can I count the number of records from choice filter?

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?

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I have just done this, using a select from map appearance when I wanted to confirm for the user that the choice filtering did/didn't result in any values that would appear on the map.

Eg, I have a list of items scattered over many areas, I ask the user which area they are in (you could also ask which type of item they are looking at as well or instead, details in spoiler) as form value ${area}, these areas are on my list of items as a column with header location

The select is filtered with a choice filter as location = ${area}

Calculate the number of matching choices as:

filter by two values

(if you wanted to count/filter by area and type it would be count(instance('CHOICE_LIST')/root/item[location=${area} and type=${type}]/name))

You could then use the count value to make the select_one relevant as ${count_of_items}>0. If >0 it's true and the question is relevant. Or you could use it to make the question mandatory.

In fact, I have just added this relevance to remove the select from map when there are zero items on the map to select and it works but I seem to get a carryover value in the count sporadically when I change the value that it filters on from one with items to one without (i.e. Area 'has 10 items', change to area 'has 0 items' sometimes shows 10 in the count note (incorrectly) but nothing on the map appearance to select (correctly))

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Thanks for the fix.
But your solution seems to work when select options are part of choices list.
In my case i am using external CSV.
Would this work with CSV as well and how if yes?

Yes, I am actually using a CSV for my choices, it works fine.

eg, file is called itemsfile.csv and there are multiple different choice groups in it, with another column to identify them, eg a type column with values country, city, suburb

The select is of the form select_one_from_file itemsfile.csv, with a choice filter to get the correct set of options in the CSV, eg type = 'country' to limit choices only to countries.

The count is counting items in a CSV, eg to count all the choices in your CSV itemsfile.csv that match previous questions asking for the Country as ${countryname} and Suburb as ${suburbname} you could calculate:
count(instance('itemsfile')/root/item[country = ${countryname} and suburb = ${suburbname}]/name)

I have tried above solution.
I always get output as zero only.
see attached form, csv and xml.
in column Hint, I have highlighted as Issue 2.
Thanks in advance!
4_farmer_onboarding_v1.xml (9.4 KB)
4_household_onboarding-form-designV1 - Copy.xlsx (28.9 KB)
land_db_new.csv (740 Bytes)

Your calculate was
count(instance('land_db_new')/root/item[hh_id=${hhid_qr_f} and system=${system_label}]/name)

Which was looking to count the column name in the CSV where hh_id & system matched.

But your CSV only had column headers srno,hh_id,parcel_uid,parcel_name,system

Change the calculate to
count(instance('land_db_new')/root/item[hh_id=${hhid_qr_f} and system=${system_label}]/srno)
and it will work.


great. works now.
Thanks a lot.. saved my day.