Choice filter with the age questions

How can I use the Choice filter with the age questions? I want to add the following in my survey form :

Q1- What is your Age? (integer)
Q2- Can you please state your education level? (Single Response with following options)
1 Illiterate
2 Literate, but no formal schooling
3 School- Upto 4th standard
4 School- Upto 5th standard
5 School- 6th to 9th standard
6 SSC/HSC (10th- 12th)
7 Some College (Including Diploma) but not graduate (Condition: Age to be 16 years and above)
8 Graduate: General (BA, BSC, BCom etc.) (Condition: Age to be 18 years and above)
9 Graduate: Professional (BTech, MBBS, BE etc.) (Condition: Age to be 18 years and above)
10 Post-Graduate: General (MA, MSC, M.Com, MPhil etc.) (Condition: Age to be 20 and above)
11 Post-Graduate: Professional (ME, MTech, MBA etc.) (Condition: Age to be 20 and above)

I am not able to figure out how can we apply the conditions mentioned for options 7 to 10

Thanks in advance

I have done a simple XLS form here to address the defined need
Education.xlsx (11.5 KB)
feel free to raise any further questions

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Thanks but my requirements is a little different. In the XLS shared by you if I am entering the age is less than 15 years, no option is visible. Also in the age is 16 + above years options 1 to 6 should also display. Thank you so much for your efforts.

I think Francis was correct, you just need to use >= in the choice filter. Here is a very quick example that semes to work fine (edit for your responses)
age_test.xlsx (10.4 KB)

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Thank you so much 'Solved'