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Hi guys
I have selected one question name of HFs I applied a choice filter on it by governorate and I need to Add the choice "other" to show with all selections while knowing that the other choice has no link with the governorate question.
in other meaning, I need the filter applied and the "other" choice appears with all
could you please Help me?

Please see the file attached.
Test kobo.xlsx (11.0 KB)

In Location_of_Follow_up question, in choice filter put
Governorate=${Governorate} or Governorate=0

And in relevance column add ${Governorate}!=''

And in the choices sheet put a 0 in your Governorate column as shown in the screenshot.

I hope this will solve your purpose. I've attached the modified form for your convenience.

Test kobo jb14may24.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Dear @joybindroo
Thank you, appreciated

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Another simple option would be ... or name = "Other".
The search function can help to find previous discussions and examples in this forum, e.g. Multiple Choice Filter & 'AND' - #3 by danbjoseph.