Clarifying supported vs unsupported projects

hi all,

as the odk project grows, we want to clarify which pieces of code the
core team supports and which ones we don't.

a supported tool means we have identified a person who is responsible
for answering emails, adding features, and fixing bugs with that tool.

currently, our supported tools are: aggregate, briefcase, build,
collect, formuploader, validate, and xls2xform.

an unsupported tool is a tool that is in very early development or is
no longer actively developed. you are more than welcome to use the
source, but if something breaks (and it will break), you should not
rely on the core team to help.

currently, our unsupported tools are: clinic, dropbox, manage,
rangefinder, tables, tasks, visualize, and voice.

if you'd like to be a community maintainer for any of these
unsupported tools, please email and we'll be
glad to put you in charge.

if you'd like to use these tools and you need help, contact the
implementation companies listed at

as always, thanks for your patience! we will keep the list of
supported/unsupported tools up at
and at