Clear Forms

I already downloaded the forms through Briefcase. I want to clear already downloaded forms. Can I remove the blank form and apply again (same form, no changes)? Can completed forms still be submitted?

If it's exactly the same forms it should be safe and after removing and downloading again you should be able to submit old forms but why do you need that?

Because of the storage capacity of the server where aggregate is hosted.

So you want to delete form from aggregate and add the again?

Correct, I delete the blank form after downloading the submitted forms. Then I resubmit the blank form. Can i do that?

My question is whether the people collecting the information can submit completed forms. Since the form would be the same, you would not need to update the form in collect. Right?

But you will lost those already submitted forms. If you remove a form all submitted instances of that form are also removed.

In this case, I will download the submitted forms using the briefcase before deleting the blank form.

and that is the intention. I download submitted forms, remove the blank form, and the aggregate is empty, ready to continue receiving submitted forms. My question is if this is possible.

Yeah if you add exactly the same form you will be able to continue sending filled forms.

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Thanks. It was of great help. I'm new to odk.

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