Cloud Datastore Stored Data Quota

Hi community,

I have been using the Google Cloud Platform for my ODK app for a while now. There are about 1,218 entries made on the database till now. Recently I noticed in my app engines quota tab that the 'Cloud Datastore Stored Data' quota bar reaches upto 93% and is increasing as the data keeps coming in.

I wanted to understand what this specific quota category shows and how it is calculated. So i can start to control it and minimize it. If anyone of you can elaborate on it, it will be great. Thanks in advance.

Regards. has some breakdown on how to minimize fees. In most cases, if it's submissions that increase your datastore size. This is especially true if you are collecting images, video, or sounds. Delete those submissions from the Aggregate UI and your usage will fall.

Thanks for the lead Yanokwa. Also if i delete the submissions on the aggregate and use briefcase to Pull new submission, following the deletion, would briefcase also remove previously pulled data from aggregate inits record??

@Abdullah_Khan Briefcase does not delete submissions if they are deleted from Aggregate. The only way to delete data in Briefcase is if you manually go into the Briefcase Storage directory and remove it.