Collect error about downloading two different forms with same form ID and version


you have downloaded two different forms with the same form ID and version ,may be they were the same form uploaded at different times or to different servers .in any case ,you shuould delete one

As the error suggests its likely that you've downloaded two different forms with the same ID and version. Have you followed the instructions in the error message and deleted one of the duplicate forms?

it's a common mistake, I make the same mistake. It's not fair to us. But now I have fixed the error.

Can you please both let us know how you ended up in this state, @WilliamTi and @esekonm? What server are you using? Do you know why the form changed without the version being updated?

The only case where we know this happens and is "expected" is when project leadership is testing a draft form from ODK Central. This should only affect people who do form design.

Even I have experienced this problem and lost many valuable interviews. could not found where that 'duplicate' form is in the ODK collect app. Finally had to add a duplicate project

I resolve the same issue through this method
Go to Admin Settings > Reset application... and delete ONLY blank forms. You need to be careful here not to delete saved forms. Then each device will need to download only the latest version of your form and it should then be possible to open, finalize, and send the saved forms.

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