Collecting information related to or_other function

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some help regarding the or_other rule during xls encoding. There are follow up questions to a mulitple selection question, as part of the original multiple selection they may select answers available or add "other". every answer has a follow up question related to the answer, and i want to be able to add a follow up question to those that select :'other' please find below:

select_one yes_no livestock Do you own any livestock? Yes
select_one livestocklist or_other livestock_owned Which livestock do you own? Yes ${livestock}= 'yes'
integer cattle_count What is the count of current cattle? Yes ${livestock_owned}='cattle'
integer goat_count What is the count of current goats? Yes ${livestock_owned}='goats'
integer sheep_count What is the count of current sheep? Yes ${livestock_owned}='sheep'
integer poultry_count What is the count of current poultry? Yes ${livestock_owned}='poultry'
integer other_count What is the count of current ${'or_other'} Yes ${livestock_owned}='or_other'

I'd highly appreciate some help, thanks a million in advance !

I am not clear your query but you can check attached xls relevant_specify_other.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Hi @Maya
When posting a table, you can use ASCII table on your different form worksheets and wrap the output with ``` on the lines before and after to make it show up like:

|  Col1   |  Col2   |
| Value 1 | Value 2 |

The example @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN posted should help. There are also details in the XLSForm documentation . Let us know and provide some more details about your question if you still need help. And please post what you end up doing, we'd love to see what you end up using!

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Many thanks for your replies. I am hoping the above adds some explanation, my issue is with the highlighted rule; i want enumerators to specify the count of 'other' animal

Apologies for the late reply. Looking at your screenshot I think your relevant value is incorrect. The data saved for the livestock_owned question will just be 'other' (not 'or_other') if that option is selected. You can also just include an other option in your livestocklist (and not use the or_other type option) as the or_other type option can cause unexpected results in data exports from different servers.

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