Collecting Spatial Data Using ODK

Hi Everyone, I am a Master of Environmental Science Student currently undertaking a data collection for my thesis project. My research will encompass the use of Public Participation Geographic Information System (PPGIS) for Locally Managed Marine Areas. In my research, I will be using ODK to collect the responses from the respondent in a developing country, arguably in a village where a connection is a bit tough to get. I am designing my survey using ODK Build Beta version 0.35.

So far, I managed to get all my questions across the ODK build platform except for one issue which I would like to ask here. As a part of the data collection, I am going to ask the respondents to drop pins in certain area that indicates the location in which they mostly exploit the natural resources. I will need to show the research area in the interface and get the respondents drop up to three points. I have tried to add the map in the interface as shown in the screen shot below.

However, I am having difficulties in getting the respondents to drop more than 1 pin on the interface. Is there a way to solve this? Alternatively, I am wondering if someone every has ever undertaken a similar type of data collection using ODK and if there is a way for me to fit the offline map interface into map and get the responses across? In the end of the day, my output will be as a form of map where the respondents mostly drop the pins and analyse the density of the points dropped by the respondents.

Thank you very much for the help

Hi @Abiyoso_Purnomosakti. Welcome to the community!

If you'd like users to drop three points, you'll need to add three geopoints. You can have users also draw lines and shapes if you'd like. has more on the types of widgets that we support.

Some of these geo options aren't in Build yet, so if you find that is an issue, respond and we can suggest workarounds.

Hi @yanokwa ,

Firstly, thanks a lot for the response. It is deeply appreciated. I am also thinking what you suggested; to put three geopoint features. However, the geopoint widget that I currently have does not allow the respondent to drop a marker on the map. I have taken a look at the ODK Doc in :
and managed to find out a screen showing an instruction to Long Press to Place a Mark, but the feature does not currently functioning in my survey.

Attached is the screenshot of my interface:

As you can see, there is only an option to place a marker which is going to record the coordinate of the device instead of dropping a marker in a desired area. Regarding to this, I need the respondents to be able to explore around the area and drop a marker in the their preferred areas. Really hope you can provide a workaround tip.


@Abiyoso_Purnomosakti In Build, use the Manual (No GPS) option. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of Collect (currently v1.22.1).