Color in the Form Title

Can anyone help me .. I would like to differentiate the title of the forms by colors.

during the collection, the employee can use 2 different forms or more, but they have similar names, I would like to differentiate them by colors, does anyone know how to change this? if it is possible to show an example in XML for me it is easier to understand.

Sorry I don't think there is a way to format form titles. You could have an initial screen on opening which contains a formatted note which makes it immediately office that the person has opened the blue form instead of the usual orange form for example but that would probably be the closest.


can you tell me how to do this?? if possible in XML as an example.

You need to include html tags as in the link below:

However, personally, if I wanted to differentiate really strongly however I would use an image instead of a note. Even if the image was just a brightly coloured square with the form name written in it and then the first question of the form would be an image with nothing else on the screen.

but that would be already inside the form

That's right yes. These suggestions only work as a sort of cover page inside the form once is already opened. There is no current way to do any of these things in the list of forms. The best that can be done is to make sure the initial screens of the forms look very different.

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