Combine xml submission records?

Hi all. Is it possible to collect all trees data (more than one tree) and be recorded in the same xml file?
I only see that each POI creates single Xml file
If there is a video showing how to have this organized after collection in a single xml file or even Xlsx i thank in advance.

I am attaching five separated files to be more specific but, for me it would be better if all data from the five files could be in a single file.

INFRAESTRUTURAS_URBANAS_2020-09-24_11-44-19.xml (607 Bytes) INFRAESTRUTURAS_URBANAS_2020-09-24_11-47-01.xml (601 Bytes) INFRAESTRUTURAS_URBANAS_2020-09-24_11-48-46.xml (621 Bytes) INFRAESTRUTURAS_URBANAS_2020-09-24_11-51-37.xml (607 Bytes) INFRAESTRUTURAS_URBANAS_2020-09-24_11-53-34.xml (624 Bytes)

Your server (for example, Central) or data tool (for example, Briefcase) will be able to combine all your submissions and then export as a single spreadsheet file that can opened in a software such as Excel.