Combining autocomplete with minimal

Is it possible to combine autocomplete with minimal under appearance for say a select_one type?

Hi @coderscoven

yes it's possible. Such an option was added in this pull request
where you can find a sample form.

It's not working. When I add minimal, it removes the search functionality.

Could you attach a sample form?

Here is a sample. Am using a CSV file to hold the options since there many and using the search search () appearance.
When I add minimal search ('farm_groups'), it doesn't show the search text field.

farm_groups.csv (298.8 KB)
sample.xlsx (11.9 KB)

Ahh sorry, my mistake. Autocomplete doesn't work with minimal I thought you ask about quick and minimal don't know why.

Okay thanks for the info.

Can we still not merge minimal and autocomplete?

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Hey @Prasanna_Sundaram! Out of interest why do you feel you want to use minimal and autocomplete? It'd be interesting to hear about about the form you're trying to create.

@seadowg you're absolutely right that we should make sure to have an explicit description of the problem that users need to solve. @zoey (because you authored Showing search option with minimal in appearance) and @Avidace (since you chimed in at Showing search option with minimal in appearance), it would be good to get your thoughts as well.

My hunch is that these folks would like to use multiple questions on a screen. Without the minimal experience, choices take over the entire screen so it's not possible to have other questions below. This is useful so the user can make a selection and then answer follow-up questions about that selection while they can still see it.

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I've posted a mock up over on the feature thread (Showing search option with minimal in appearance)

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Hello @LN , for example i create a lot of form where use a select one with 700 options and is a good idea use the autocomplete, but do not look good with all options deployed, and sometime need to use the choice_filter down of the select one and is confuse to final user. I think could be a good
improvement to combine the autocomplete and minimal (like enketo).
If that option existed the order of the options would be the next:
1-Código plantio
2-Nombre plantio

Good timing, @famador, the feature is now in beta. Please take a look at ODK Collect v1.28 Beta 1: exactly match forms on server, minimal selects with autocomplete and let us know how it works for you.

Hello, thats great, i will test the new beta.
Best regards.