Complex calculation using sqrt and exp

I'm trying struggling to build the correct syntax for the following scenario. I'm using the Survey123 Connect app (vers 3.7.62) to push out to a DT rugged field tablet.

I have 5 possible measurements DBH1, DBH2, DBH3, DBH4, DBH5.
DBH1 will never be a NULL value but the subsequent DBH values may be null.

From there my calculation is =SQRT((DBH1^2)+(DBH2^2)+(DBH3^2))...

Screenshots below show my calc's

I also cannot get the pulldata funxtion to populate the final question.

I have tried to break this down into simple steps firstly and then build up to more complicated expressions.

The only result I could get for SumDBH was 3 and it should've been 25.

I'm new to the ODK group so.... Hi Everyone! I hope you can help me I've spent soooo much time on trying to work this out myself.

Hi @awright,

Best to check with Survey123 support. There is some overlap between ODK and Survey123 but quite a few differences too.

(P.S. in ODK world exp() always has only 1 parameter, and pulldata() always has 4, so check the Survey123 documentation about those functions. I think you want use pow() instead of exp()).

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Thanks for your reply Martin. I have found the Survey123 documentation to be a bit light on for complex formulas but thanks for the heads up.

So back to my question if any else can possibly help me on this. I can break it down to its simplest parts and then build up to more complex formulas

IF DBH1 is NOT NULL and I want to add DBH1 to subsequent DBH values if they also are NOT NULL what would that formula look like?

Also I would like to populate the X and Y coordinates in my table for export as a shapefile back into the GIS. I thought the pulldata function would do this but as you mentioned above i must have 4 parameters?