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I am collecting data to determine vaccination coverage. But I will create a condition to determine if the child is fully immunized or not based on his age.
For example, all children who are 6 months old and who have received 8 antigens are fully vaccinated and children who are 9 months old and need more than 12 antigens to be fully vaccinated.

By your child received BCG? 1. Yes and 0. No
Has your child received OPV? 1.Yes and 0. No ect

Thank you

How is the child's age collected/calculated? What is the full list of immunizations? How is the "fully immunized" condition used in the rest of the form?

What have you tried so far - Can you attach either your draft XLSForm, or the relevant parts of the survey questionnaire as written out?

I will create a condition such that if the child is 12 months old and has received all vaccine doses has a status of fully immunized child and a section will be created for children not fully immunized where we are going. asked questions of mothers / caregivers.

The question is attached to the questionnaire.
the vaccination group starts from cell A17 (begin group)
I just took part of the form because the file is very heavy it does not load.ECV2021.xlsx (17.7 KB)

thank you so much