Conditional display of a question


If I type name, the last name have to hide, If I not type name last name box have to appare
is it possible?

In the relevant column of the "Last name" question you have to use this logical test expression :

Wich means that toh want ro show thé question if name ils empty

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will you please explain more by giving xls file. thank you in advance

Hi @Santosh_Bastola ,

here is an example : conditionnal_question.xlsx (16,9 Ko)

The "last name" question will be hidden as soon as you answer the "name" question.
Tell us if it is what you expected, we probably rename the question.
And don't hesitate to delete the duplicate question :wink: How to increase font size and bold text? - #3 by Santosh_Bastola

Thank you. Its works. Cheers

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