Connect pgadmin to postgresql

How can I connect from pgadmin to central odk postgres, and where can I check the access credentials?

This is not recommended, as you can create errors for Central if you change the database. What is your high-level use case that requires connecting to the database with a third-party client like that?

Hello, thanks for answering, my intention is to take information from the odk database to another database on another server automatically, but I don't know if this is correct or if there are other, easier ways to do it

Have you looked at the OData feed? You can download submissions with Python, R, and more. Using Python, you should be able to download using pyODK and then push to your other database.

Hi @PedroReina !
We had the same need in the past and tried various approaches. As @danbjoseph said, querying json from central's database is not easy nor suitable.
OData API is the solution.
If your destination database is PostgreSQL, we published two years ago I created a set of function to automatically get data from central in our daily database.

pyODK offers now the possibility to create pl/python function within your own PostgreSQL database (we will show something soon), or python autonomous routines.

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