Connecting Central to ReDash dashboard

Is there any solution to this issue. I am using ReDash to take images inside a table, the images are opening up when i made them as link but its not showing up as embedded image inside table. Is there a way to use hotlink ?

Hi @Shashwat_Singh ,
Are you talking about a redash problem ?
Sorry if I misunderstood your question but if I did not, in the Visualization Editor, you should choose "display as image"
And put the reference to the column value in the "url template" with {{ @ }}

I had to use a url transformation to make the absolute url with the following URL template https://url/#/v1/projects/6/forms/{{form_name}}/submissions/{{meta_instanceID}}/attachments/{{ @ }}

inspecting the images shows up the correct url. The url opens up when you directly paste it in the address bar and central server signed in.

Are you using some kind of disabled central settings for media files?

OK I misunderstood your problem.
I just checked the query in redash and I think you can see images when you are already logged in Central. When your are not (as a normal user watching your dashboard), ODK Centrals asks you for login credentials.

The best solution would be (I do it with PostgreSQL but you could use the API in another tool) to extract with a cron task the images from central to an public place and link images to this place :

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I confirm mathieubossaert 's remark.

Another solution, to create a PHP page which would have the job of connecting to the BLOB table in Postgresql, and to display an image by passing it the ID attribute.
So this PHP page will serve you for other uses.
I use this solution, it is very efficient and robust.

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Can you share the php script to cache the images?

My IT specialist has prepared resources to allow use with Aggregate and Central.
It incorporates an excellent feature is the automatic rotation of photos.
Good use


Hi @Rudy ,

The photos that we are getting in central is not new one as in json we are getting instance_id and photo name. but in the code there is no option to set instance_id for central database.

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