Connection problem between ODK Aggregate and ODK Build

Greetings Forum, I have a problem when trying to send a test form to the server ODK Aggregate through the ODK Build. The version of the server Aggregate is 1.5.0 and I have Tomcat 8 installed on this. The server is a virtual machine on VirtualBox. Other features such as ODK Collect work perfectly. Could you help me? Thank you...

The Load is infinite

Hello dear, I 've never used this option but one question I'd like to ask you: are you using SSL security? because I see you indicated https. If you don't have SSL licence pleas change it to http only.
Could you post here the error, pleas?

In the same way already use HTTP to register, but still, it does not work

Pleas tell us the error message.

It does not provide any error message, it simply remains charging infinitely

If you are using ODK Build Online (e.g.,, your VM needs to have a publicly accessible IP Address. You can learn how to configure that at

If you are using ODK Build Offline (e.g., AND the computer you are running it is on the same network as the VM, then it should work.

If you are doing a deployment, the first option is probably best. If you are just testing things, go with the second option because it should be easier.

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