Constrain Number of Questions Answered within a Group

I am trying to create a table of different attributes and select one of these five attributes that is considered "most appealing" and one of these five (a different one than selected previously) for "lease appealing" as shown below. In order to create the below, I made each of these attributes a question (1-5) and the "most" and "least" appealing options as the "select_one" options. I was curious if there's a way to constrain this group so that only two of these five options can be selected, and only one item can be chosen for both "most" and "least" appealing through XLSForm?


I don't think there is a way to apply constraint at group level. However, you may resolve this by applying some alternative trick as the following:

  • You may add a question prior to this question to filter 2 of your 5 options
  • For 2nd step you may add option "both" in addition to most and least appealing
    Hope this helps


Another thing you could try is a rank widget.

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Thank you for your suggestions! I was just curious if you could speak a little more on adding a question to filter 2 of the 5 options.


You may try rank widget as @yanokwa mentioned, which is a great option to handle this kind of situation. Regarding Additional question, just before your group of 5 questions, you may add an additional question and based on the answer of that question you can filter, which questions will appear among 5 questions. For example:
Q1: Do you like pizza - if the answer is No
Q2: Next set of question, you can constrain questions related to pizza.

Hope I managed to explain.