Constraint an integer field to 5 digits

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I'm trying to restrict an integer field so that it only accepts 5 digits but when you charge it to the phone, it doesn't work. I leave the restriction I'm occupying, maybe I have a mistake and can help me.
What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
odk collect v1.20.0

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bom_1.xlsx (10.0 KB)

You'll want to use the following syntax in your XLSForm. I suggest also added a hint and/or a constraint_message to tell the user why their answer may be rejected.

| type |    name    |   label    | required | appearance |      constraint       |                  constraint_message                    |
| text | incidencia | incidencia | yes      | numbers    | regex(.,'^[0-5]{5}$') | Must only contain numbers 0-5 and be exactly 5 digits. |

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Your regex looks good - at least I cant see anything wrong with it (!). Can you perhaps describe in what way it isn't working for you?

I see two problems with OPs post

  1. Using bind::constraint instead of just constraint.
  2. wrapping the expression in quotes.

Good eye! That's it! If you add additional quotes to the XLSForm cell you end up with:


which is obviously problematic...

[note: the bind::constraint will end up being a NOP - it will still populate <bind constraint="..."/> I actually didnt know that before so I did a quick form to confirm :slight_smile: ]

That said, it might be an interesting pyxform unit test to populate both constraint and bind::constraint, and see who comes out on top... :slight_smile: [same can be said about relevant, calculate, ...]

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