Contractor needed to solve minor problems with ODK/ONA

I have "inherited" an ODK Collect application which has been forked, customized, and deployed on an ONA Server. There are several open projects with multiple active forms and already data has been collected by a group of field agents using Android phones in offline mode and uploaded successfully. The field agents are reporting 4 minor problems with the functionality of the app which are making it difficult for them to use the app. I would like to hire an expert to review the issues, look at the code and configuration and solve the problems. We do wish to remain on ONA (not switch to ODK server). We need to preserve the existing forms and the existing collected data. Four reported issues are as follows:

Problem # 1.
When we log in we get a list of projects but some of the forms in the projects on the android side DO NOT CORRESPOND to the forms in the projects on our Ona server. We are calling this “project leak”.

Problem # 2
If a project is inactive in Ona, then it shouldn’t download to the phone. Currently it does. That can cause confusion.

Problem # 3
Forms should be finalized automatically when completed and finalized forms should be sent automatically if there is wi-fi. There is a setting to do that in ODK Collect. We can no longer do that on the forked app that we are using.

Problem # 4
When operating offline, if the app is closed and re-opened then the form definitions are lost and must be retrieved from the server again, which is not possible when offline. How can we keep the current form(s) that the agent is working on resident on the phone after the phone is restarted, after the app crashes or when the app is closed by the user and then re-opened?

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