Conversion of .xlsx to XLSform file Error: Range parameters 'start', 'end' or 'step' must all be numbers


Hi, its my first time trying out the ODK tool and I've used the odk Build tool (online) (laptop, Windows 8) to design my form but when I try to convert the excell file to XLSform in both the XLSForm offline and the online converter from I get this errorr message:

I've checked the ranges of my questions and they all have numbers on them, so im not sure how to fix the problem, could somebody help me please?

Hi @Adriana

could you attach your form? Here you can find an example how to use RangeWidget:

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Thanks, for some reason I cant attached my form, since I'm a new user

You can use an external service like for example.

Thank you, here is the link to my form
I hope you can help me!

According to the doc the pattern is start=1;end=10;step=1 that's the problem in your form.